Tessmann takes the TQ and win at the Battle at the Bend race in Red Deer, AB.

This past weekend we attended the Battle at the Bend Race in Red Deer, AB.  This year HB/HPI generously donated a brand new D812 kit to be raffled off to raise money for the Southern Alberta Sexual Assault Support Center, which raised $1500 for the cause.
HB driver Tanner Stees also attended the race with us.

We arrived Friday morning in the pouring rain to a track that was flooded, so there was no practice on Friday, Saturday dawned cold and damp but the rain had stopped and the track crew was busy sucking the water off the track and laying down peat moss, they did an amazing job preparing the track so that we could race.  By noon we were ready to start the first qualifier.  Due to the condition of the track and the late start they decided to forgo practice and just give longer warmups for the qualifiers. The first qualifier was very damp and the track was very heavy with marshals having a hard time maneuvering around.  The 2nd qualifier the track was starting to dry up nicely the track crew did some repairs and the track was coming in well.  The 3rd qualifier the track had come around nicely far better than I had imagined it would, kudos to the track crew for making the track the best it could be in a tough situation.   I was able to TQ all of the 1/8 buggy qualifiers with Tanner qualifying 2nd, I only ran buggy at this race so I would have time to help the other HB drivers in attendance and anyone else that needed help.

Sunday we got to the track at 8am and it was 41 degrees farenheit so it was chilly, once the sun came out it warmed up and we started the mains, the buggy main was last, we got off to a good start and I won the main with Tanner finishing in 2nd place behind me.  All my equipment worked great, thanks to all my sponsors.

Thanks to the Red Deer Clutch Nutz RC Club for working very hard to turn the bad start around into a great weekend.


Despite the rain, the track crew at Red Deer Clutch Nutz RC Club did a great job of getting the surface ready for racing.


The HB/HPI pits with an excellent view of the track.

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