Zipping through the air with a bird’s-eye view of everything below you is exhilarating, which is why FPV (first person view) racing is R/C’s fastest growing sport.

Imagine this:

Flying 50mph in between giant redwoods or racing in and out of abandoned buildings with a vibrant pilot’s perspective of everything that whizzes by.

Although the scene is exploding there is a lot of technology in play and why we want to help you have success.

Our pros have compiled a short list of tips to give you the tools you need to get into FPV racing without any of the frustration most newbies experience.


Get Connected with An FPV Group

Start here first! Organizations and groups are forming all over the world and they’re pretty easy to find. Use Facebook, RC Groups, Aerial Sports League and Multi GP to find FPV flyers in your area. The communities are super-helpful and will teach you to fly, point you towards the right products and help you conquer your learning curve.

Research, Research And More Research

Remember the old adage, “you get what you pay for.” It’s also true in FPV. Everybody wants to save a few bucks, but make sure you research the airframe and electronics you’re interested in buying on forums, RC Groups and other informative sites. Your local group of flyers will also be an excellent resource before you make your first purchase. And of course, you can always call AMain Performance Hobbies and our experts will be happy to share their knowledge with you.

Invest In A Good Transmitter

It’s initially easier on the wallet to buy a less expensive transmitter, but you’ll end up spending much more when you upgrade. If you’re serious about FPV, make sure you get a quality radio system that works with simulators. Find FPV transmitters at AMain Performance Hobbies

You Have To Crawl Before You Walk

Learn how to fly with a free FPV simulator like FPV Freerider, or HotProps. You’ll be able to fly and crash J without spending any money. Learning how to fly takes time and requires hours of muscle memory before you’re ready to take your FPV endeavors outside. When you do head to a flying field make sure you bring an experienced pilot with you. According to the FAA it’s illegal to fly outside your line of sight, which includes pilots using FPV goggles, so you’ll need a spotter. An experienced pilot will also help you set up your machine and teach you the basics of flight.

Invest In Good Antennas

The better the antenna the better the video feed quality. It’s that simple. Don’t skimp on your circular polarized antenna because it has everything to do with your view. It’s much easier to fly and race when your video feed isn’t interrupted. See the ImmersionRC polarized antennas here.

Get Your Camera Sorted

Make sure the locking ring on your camera is tight and secure so that your picture is in focus. You’ll also want to ensure that the camera is at the correct angle for the view you’re after. Wires and parts should be tucked nicely out of the way. Check your camera every time out to the flying field or racing course.

Pack The Kitchen Sink

Being over-prepared is a good thing. After you’ve invested in an FPV racer and some spendy goggles, it’s important to stock up on spare blades, speed controllers, arms (if applicable for your airframe) and tools. You don’t want to head to the local flying field only to head home after a minor crash. (*Link to key items) 

Always Be Cognizant of Safety

Here are four tips to keep in mind:

  • When your FPV racer is connected to a laptop remove the props, so you can’t get hurt while adjusting your speed controllers and motors.
  • When powering up be mindful of your stick positions and switches, so that you have a smooth and predictable takeoff.
  • While you’re flying pay attention to innocent bystanders and potential hazards. Use your best judgment when people and animals are nearby.
  • Double-check your video frequency before you fly! If someone is on your frequency, you’ll cancel each other’s video feed out and likely cause a crash.

This is why FPV is so hot! 

If you’re not convinced that FPV racing is awesome and you need to build an airframe, you’ll want to check out this video compilation of all the fun you’re mission out on:




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