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8 Great RC Gift Ideas

photo from The holidays are bearing down and its time to start thinking about gifts for your friends and family. RC (radio controlled) vehicles are fun for all ages! Ready-to-run (RTR) cars and trucks, ready-to-fly (RTF) planes, helicopters and DRONES are inexpensive and just take a few minutes to set-up and charge before they’re ready

SAB Goblin 380 Flight –

Jason Bell is one of’s customer service specialists, and you’ll see from this video clip, he is one accomplished heli pilot. Jason is flying his new SAB Goblin 380 out behind’s distribution center, where he does a number of his test flights. If you’re interested in the SAB Goblin 380 please follow this

A Little 3D Flight With An Align T-Rex 150 customer service specialist Jason Bell is one of the nation’s top pilots. If you ever need help with your heli, he is one of our in-house experts that is more than willing to help you get back out to the flying field. For this particular flight he was testing a customer’s Align T-Rex 150,