Building a solid machine is as important to 3D flying as the maneuvers themselves.

Mechanical failures happen, but many of them can be prevented!

Imagine this:

You just finished your new bird and it’s ready for its first flight. You take it up in the air and you hear something funny.


The heli hits the deck faster than you could react doing hundreds of dollars in damage in a matter of seconds.

We don’t want this to be you, so our pros have compiled five easy to follow steps for building a better heli.

1.Dissassemble and reassemble

I know this sounds crazy, but trust us and don’t trust the manufacturer. A number of sections are pre-assembled from the factory. You’ll want to disassemble these sections to make sure they are built properly and that they are tight.

2.Thread Lock Is Your Friend

For any metal to metal connections use a good medium grade thread lock. These connections would include threaded screws into aluminum plates where they can easily vibrate loose when not secure. You can find thread lock at AMain Performance Hobbies here:

3.Helis Need Glue Too

Say what? Yes, you’ll want to use some CA glue when you thread screws directly into plastic or carbon. This will prevent the screw from backing over time. Don’t go overboard either, just a drop will suffice.

4.Set-Up Is Key

Research your equipment to the best of your ability, and don’t be afraid to ask local heli experts, the online communities, and of course AMain Performance Hobbies when you need advice on component selection or programming tips. Our experts will ensure that you’re set up correctly and teach you their tips for programming. a simple oversight during the set up process can cause a costly crash—we don’t want that to happen!

5. Thrash Sessions Are Not Recommended

It’s exciting to build a brand new kit, but trust us, don’t let your zest keep you up all night stressing to get your heli built in one session—this is when mistakes are made.

It is better to have a game plan for the sections you want to complete in a given timeframe or evening. It’s also important to have an expert look over your build before it’s first flight.


When you build them right, they’re capable of this! 

Want to see some awesomeness? Check out this clip of AMain Performance Hobbies’ Devin LeBlanc as he flies his bird over water. LeBlanc used an Align T-Rex 700 at the Oroville Fun Fly to dance over water. And, this is why so many love to fly big, electric helis. Enjoy!



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