Axialfest is right around the corner, do you have everything you need? Well we have another Axialfest Essentials video for you to make sure that you don’t forget anything. In the last two videos, Matt talked about items you wouldn’t want to leave behind, campground essentials and now he will talk about essentials for the trail.

AMain’s Matt Hauck has attended the Axialfest several years in a row so his insight will be valuable for you as you prepare for Axialfest 2018.

You can download our complete Axialfest Checklist here:

He recommend these items for you when you go out to the trails:

  • Small parts that can break during the trail and easy to pack (ex: little pins, screw pins, axle pins, idler gear, spur gears, pinion gears, etc..)
  • Crawler and TX batteries just in case your batteries die in the middle of a trail
  • Hydration pack with water and essentials
  • Trail keg with screws and essential tools for your crawler
  • Batteries & Battery Safe to keep your batteries protected from the sun
  • GPS, cell phone and battery bank
  • Work mat incase you need to make a trail side repair
  • Chemlight, head lamp and battery checker
  • Lanyard for your transmitter

We hope these videos have helped you with your packing. Be sure to visit us at Axialfest 2018

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