AMain Hobbies is excited to release their second episode of Axialfest Essentials where we help you prepare for Axialfest 2018! Just like the first video we hope that this one helps you get more prepared, less stress and more excited for this event!

In this video Matt will show you what kind of stuff you will want to bring for your campsite.

You can download our complete Axialfest Checklist here:

Our campground essentials list includes:

  • Tent, air mattress/air pump & sleeping bag are standard essentials for camping
  • Table for wrenching because no one wants to eat where they work
  • Easy-up or shade structure to protect your table of electronics from the sun
  • Comfortable chair or bench seat to wrench comfortably
  • Battery or A/C powered fan, as mentioned in the first video you want to stay cool
  • Bug/insect repellent
  • Rug/padding for your tent floor to keep any rocks or sticks from poking through.
  • Firewood (available at general store)
  • Drinks should be in non glass containers (plastic bottles or cans are okay)
  • Trash bags to save yourself from the multiple trips to the trash can
  • Disposable wipes or hand sanitizer to keep your hands clean
  • Ice chest and ice for your food and drinks
  • Bring all the parts you have for your RC crawler, you never know what you will need or what a friend may need for their RC

We hope this video has helped you with your Axialfest 2018 preparations. We have one more video for you so stay tuned for Axialfest Essentials Part 3 where Matt will talk about what you will need take with you on the trail.

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Learn more about Axialfest:

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