By: Marty Korn team manager, Marty Korn, has raced every R/C class under the sun and with great success, albeit it was a few years ago. šŸ˜‰ Today, Marty is actively involved with AMain’s top pro drivers and helping them squeeze every last tenth of a second out of their race rides. In this installment of “Ask Marty,” he shares the 3 most important setting you can adjust on your car:

1. Droop;

Drop affects how much your chassis rolls in a corner. While sway bars affect how quickly this happens, the suspension droop is the bigger factor and it determines how far the chassis rolls. High grip tracks tend to like less droop. And low grip or bumpy tracks prefer more droop.

2. Diff oils

Diff oils can be thought of as the training wheels of your setup. The weight of your diff oil determines how stable or how edgy your car will be.

Front: heavy oil less steering more stable. Light oil more corner speed more aggressive steering.

Center: similar to a slipper clutch on a 1/10 car in some ways, but braking and acceleration are also in play. Heavy oil will deliver power more equally front and rear. Light oil will over drive the front and provide more straight line grip.


Rear oil is how much “push” you want from the rear. Heavy oil will rotate quicker on throttle. Where light oil will stay straighter and feel more stable.

3. Ride height

Track conditions dictate this setting. High ride height promotes chassis roll and grip. A low ride height is best for high grip conditions where you want to reduce roll.

The braking aspect is simple. Light oil allows more bias or diff action. Heavy oil numbs bias adjustments.

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