Flat Spots Are Bad!

It’s imperative to store your car or truck on a car stand to prevent the tires and foams from developing flat spots, but how many of us actually follow this tip? If your tires have been sitting for too long it’s a good idea to invest in a new set. Rubber doesn’t age well and older tires that have not been stored in a sealed bag won’t provide as much traction. Shop for 1/10 Tires

Break Em In!

If you do need to pick up some new treads, make sure that you break them in before racing. Either scuff the tires by holding your car in place while applying throttle or plan on running a few practice battery packs before actually racing. Tires that are broken in are generally faster and provide more grip.

Check Your Batteries

The ProTek iChecker is a perfect tool for checking the voltage of your race packs. If they’ve been left too long and don’t hold their voltage it’s time to invest in some new packs. EcoPower offers some affordable packs here. If you’re after the LiPos our pros run, you can see the ProTek R/C lineup here.

Recheck Ride Height

Checking your ride height can be done in a matter of seconds and it’s one of the most crucial adjustments you can make your car. If you need a ride height gauge, you can pick one up here.

Shock O-Rings

O-Rings can either swell or become disfigured over time. If it’s been a few months since you’ve driven your car, you’ll want to open up the shocks and replace all of the o-rings.

Check Hingepins

Ensure that your suspension is not bound up and that you don’t hear any unnecessary squeaks. If you do, remove your car’s hingepins and wipe them down with a clean rag and blow off the dust that accumulates around the hingepin openings on your suspension components.

What’s Hot?

Having information about the hottest tires, setup tweaks and popular race classes at your track will be key when you show up on race day. Asking a racing buddy in the “know” is your best place to start to ensure that you’re prepared with the right setup, tires and motor.

The Hardware Once Over

Check to make sure all of the upper and lower screws of your car are tight. It’s also important to tighten the ball studs, wheels and shock anchoring screws.

Drivetrain Noise Is Bad!

Using a small dab of grease on spur and pinion gears will not only reduce friction, but it will keep your drivetrain that much quieter. Take a look at the ProTek R/C “Premier White” Grease, which specifically designed for reducing noise and friction.

Don’t Get Sloppy

Isolate the turnbuckles on your ride to find any excess slop in the ball cups. If you find any slop, take a few minutes and replace those ball cups. Worn out ball cups are liabilities because they can pop off during a race easier and your car won’t feel as consistent.

Bring The Kitchen Sink

Before you head to the track make sure you have all of the tools, tires, spare parts and equipment you need to for a successful outing. Being over-prepared is a good thing and you certainly know where to shop. 😉

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